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MidasMoments: Rob Slee’s Comments on the Nation

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My Name is Rob, and I’m a niche-aholic. I’m also a cruise-aholic. Put these two things together and you’ll find me speaking about niches aboard Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas, from

October 12-19. And you’re all invited.

First, a few words about the ship. The Oasis is the world’s largest cruise ship. I sailed aboard her a couple years ago and am still shaking my head in wonder. The entertainment alone makes the cruise worthwhile. Shows range from outdoor platform diving to indoor Broadway, with all manners of entertainment in between. And if you think you can stay with me in ping pong, you’re sadly mistaken.

This particular cruise is a 7-nighter out of Ft. Lauderdale. It will stop 3 times: at Royal Caribbean’s private island of Labadee (I usually jet ski there); in Jamaica; and in Cozumel, Mexico. In October, I expect 80 degree weather which is about twice as warm as the beer.Royal Caribbean does a nice job with food. You won’t go hungry. I gain a pound a day on cruises. This would be doubly worse if not for the on-shore running around.

Importantly, the itinerary leaves 3 days at sea. For the cruise uninitiated, these days represent free time. I’ll be yapping during these days…on topics ranging from competing in a global economy to identifying and exploiting niches. If you’ve never heard me speak, you’re really missing out. I haven’t heard anyone better. Of course I’m jaded. I admit that I rarely hang around at conferences long enough to hear others yap.

The real action will be found during the afternoons of sea days. I want to do a 2 hour group brainstorm each day on several topics close to my heart. These are:

– Converting a family of parts from traditional manufacturing to 3-D printing. What would be the best candidates (for example, obsolete or hard-to-find auto parts)? How best to setup an internet portal to market the parts? Could we position 3-D printers around the world to be close to markets?

– Buying zombie businesses. I’m on the inside of this game and will share how it works from that vantage point. I could use some help in several key areas and would use the time to describe the play.

– Becoming a Value Architect in your business. There are a number of traits that can be learned and I’ll share these. I would like to hear what is holding you back from achieving Midas metrics, such as $3 million in revenues and $750k in profits. Btw, I just invested in a business that is getting more than $10 million in EBITDA per employee.

Speaking of buying zombies, I’m giving away a cabin (2 person with balcony) on the October 12 sailing to the first person who introduces me into a zombie deal, or other opportunity, in which I get to a letter of intent…starting now and going to August 1. I don’t have to close the deal…just get to an LOI before August 1. You have to pay your way to Ft. Lauderdale. Hey – I’m not made of money.

There are two ways for you to learn more about the upcoming cruise. First, here is the link to the travel agent’s cruise website:

Or second, just email me and I’ll introduce you to the travel agent.

Hope to see you on the Oasis in October.

– Rob

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