Is It Time To Blow-Up The Matrix?

MidasMoments: Rob Slee’s Comments on the Nation

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As you may recall, I am living the first Matrix movie. Specifically, I’m playing the role of Morpheus, battling beyond reason the simulated reality created by the machines. In my real reality, the machines are the U.S. institutions (political parties…special interests…mass media) that have conspired to create the Matrix. The Matrix works for them by taking from us.

The Matrix has been busy as usual and would have us believe a number of things that promote their interests, but hurt us. The problem, of course, is that less than 5% of us have escaped the Matrix. The machines and their agents parasitically live off the 95%, and would efface the escapees if they could. But we are a wily bunch and not easily snuffed.

The Matrix continues to feed us many untruths, such as: all new jobs are created equal; Americans have finally learned their lessons and have paid off much of their debt; that inflation is low and will remain so; that the Fed has things under control; that the political system can manage the country; that there’s an answer for the $20 trillion national debt and $100 trillion in unfunded liabilities; that somehow the US is different from Europe; that social security has a trust fund, and on and on.

Beware the Matrix, for it feeds itself without regard to the truth or facts. Remember, you’re not just supplying food to the Matrix.

You are the food.

Since I have been living outside the Matrix for some 20 years, I do not believe most of what emanates from there. Especially when it comes to elections.

Most people think the coming presidential election is about a status quo Democrat running against a chaotic Republican. Would that it were so simple.

What’s really going-on is a national referendum trying to answer the question: Is it time to blow-up the Matrix?

This election is really a first of its kind. This is the first time the Matrix has lost control and has been exposed for what it really is: elites and self-serving institutions that will do anything to maintain control.

I’ve been preaching for years that eventually we would destroy the Matrix, if for no other reason, than to save America. Will it happen now? I don’t know. I’m not sure we’re fully ready for the truth or the responsibility of reformulating our country. I also doubt that an outsider without his/her party’s full support can destroy the Matrix.

Of course, it doesn’t help the cause that the chaotic Republican has consistently displayed unthinkably boorish behavior. This has not only called into question his fitness to serve, but it has also enabled the Matrix to focus attention on his personal shortfalls rather than the country’s ills.

Ross Perot – where art thou?

I still believe the Matrix will eventually fall. And that upheaval will make this election look tame.

– Rob  

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